We do the hard jobs other companies don't want to!

In the unfortunate event that you discover dangerous mold in your home or property, you should contact a professional right away. Some mold can be very dangerous and harmful to your help and the health of your loved ones. With that being said mold really should not be a DIY job, but you really should leave it to the professionals.

When you contact us at Pollution Solutions, we right away will ask you fact finding questions to get a better understanding of your mold problem. Once we understand your problem and your needs better, we can agree on a time that best fits your schedule to come out and give you a free estimate for your mold problem. Once we come out and assess your mold problem, we will give you a quote and proposal right there on the spot so that you can make the right decision and rid your home of the mold issues you are having.

If you are feeling sick and experiencing visible reactions or feeling any pain or discomfort from being exposed to the mold, we recommend that you go to the doctor or the emergency room right away. Mold sickness can be very serious and can cause many health issues. Be sure to be safe if you are feeling any symptoms at all! That should be your main priority, even before contacting us.

Contact us for any of your mold testing or mold remediation needs.