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Are you experiencing damage or ongoing issues with your Crawl space or Basement? Common crawl space and basement issues include foundation problems, structural problems, mold problems, leaks, water damage, rotting wood, poor ventilation, and more. We are crawl space repair and remediation experts. We have seen and fixed it all. It may be scary to you, but we can handle it.

Your crawl space can be your best friend when used properly for storage, or your worst enemy when you have issues with it. To some, the crawl space is an awesome storage place for things that you do not use regularly in your home. To others, their crawl space is a scary and creepy place that they are afraid to go into. We’ll get your crawl space back to being usable space. This goes for your basement as well. Some folks use their basement solely for storage. For others, it can be a place of great joy for family time, gyms, offices, game rooms, movie nights, and more. Getting your basement ready for this and keeping it safe is vital. We can help. 

We also offer basement and crawl space encapsulation. Learn more HERE


In either case, your crawl space or basement can encounter many serious issues that can compromise your home:

    • Structural & Foundation Problems
    • Wood Rotting
    • Cracked, Bowed, Crumbling Walls
    • Leaks From Storms
    • Mold Problems
    • Dampness, Wet Walls, Stagnant Water
    • Electrical Problems
    • Poor Ventilation

And More…

Crawl Space Repairs
Crawl Space Repairs

Each one of these issues complements each other and can invite more problems when not addressed. That is why it is important to get crawl space issues addressed right away once discovered.  In addition, to crawl space repairs, we are a certified crawl space encapsulation specialist. We install amazing crawl space vapor barriers that will seal your crawl space, keeping the area dry and properly insulated.  


Find out more about crawl space repairs or crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl Space Repairs