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    Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Is Your Crawl Space Dry?

Because crawl spaces don’t get regular sunlight or airflow, it’s a perfect place for mold to grow. De-humidify, seal and keep your crawl space dry for lifelong protection and value of your home.

Consider This

Consider This:

When is the last time you were in your crawl space? Was it a pleasant experience? Probably not. That’s because crawl spaces trap moisture under your home. And because crawl spaces don’t get regular sunlight or airflow, it’s a perfect place for mold to grow. Since 50% of the air you and your family breathes comes directly from your crawl space, it can be a real health hazard.



Moisture in Your Crawl Space Can Cause:

  • Health issues, especially respiratory
  • Pest & rodent infestation
  • House-wide allergens and airborne bacteria
  • Increased heating and air costs
  • Damp and musty odors throughout the house
Moisture in Your Crawl


Home Improvement

The Smartest Home Improvement You Can Make!

  • Stops foul, moldy odors in your home
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Prevents structural rotting (a huge plus)
  • Reduces energy and air / heating costs
  • Reduces allergens and airborne bacteria in your home


All Pollution Solutions Vapor Barriers Are:

  • Anti-microbial, so germs and microbes do not grow on the surface
  • Fiber stitched and reinforced for strength and durability
  • Fire-rated material, so it’s safe and fire-retardant
  • 12, 16 or 20 mil thick, depending on the humidity level in your home

We also offer three different thicknesses depending on the humidity level, amount of moisture, and surrounding outside environment in your home. Choose from 12, 16 or 20 mil thick vapor barrier material.

Pollution Solutions Vapor Barriers

At The Big Benefits of Pollution Solutions Crawl Space Encapsulation

Pollution Solutions our first job is to take care of your home as if it were our own. That’s why the first thing our crews do is remove all the mold and bacteria that’s been built up in your crawl space over the years. We then dry and de-humidify your crawl space so the moisture is all gone. Next, we lay down what’s called a vapor barrier to ensure your crawl space is dry and moisture free for all its years to come.

We are certified installers of both EZ Breathe ventilation systems and Sante Fe Dehumidifiers. Plus, we are fully insured and licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to perform crawl space encapsulations. We look forward to solving your crawl space problems and adding lifelong value to your home!

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Moisture Causes

  • Health issues, especially respiratory
  • Pest & rodent infestation
  • House-wide allergens and airborne bacteria
  • Increased heating and air costs
  • Damp and musty odors throughout the house

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Amanda Detweiler

"It went great. First, the sales person was very helpful explaining the mold testing and remediation process. He went through the steps that would be taken and then he followed up with the results. On the french drain,/sump pump change out/ wall rebuild, it was quick and painless. Again my sales person was very clear in the process and the steps. When he came for a walk through there were some options in what would occur in the installation and he made fully aware of any potential changes in cost (there were none though). The workers came on time (ok a bit early) and finished early as well. Finally, they were helpful and clear walking through all the changes that occurred and the guarantees given."

Amanda Detweiler, Abington, PA

Debbie Dowd

"Very pleased with Quality of work and Professionalism of Staff."

Debbie Dowd, Union Beach, NJ

Olivia Riley

"They provided Pre & Post mold test. Cleaned vents & returns with a brush system, spray with biocides & run ozone machine to kill mold. Recommended additional advise on water proofing system & humidifier. Dan was very helpful to ensure mold remediation was successful. I am very satisfied with Basements Love Us Inc/Pollution Solutions."

Olivia Riley, Mt. Laurel, NJ

Patsy Lehman

"Calling you was a breath of fresh air! You not only knew what to look for an what had to be done, but scheduled the work, completed it in two days and followed through on all of your promises. I could not believe how neat and clean my basement looked when your crew finished. I never thought it would get to that point as quickly and professionally as it did. I wish I could find other companies to work on my home that would follow through with promises and be treated as well as you and your installation crew did, they could not have been any more pleasant to have in my home. I would recommend you and your crew to anyone I could, please do not hesitate to give my name and phone number to anyone who wants a reference, anytime."

Patsy Lehman, Branchburg, New Jersey

Barbara Zoratti

"We met with the company rep at the Philadelphia Home Show, and discussed our mold problem in our basement. Within 2 days, Shane, one of the family members, came out to investigate. He did a very thorough exam, then sat with my husband and me, and in great detail, explained exactly what he found, and what would need to be done to correct the problem. Since it was the only estimate we had gotten, I wanted to be sure they were a reputable company, so I had a friend look them up on Angie's List. The reviews were all very complimentary, and so I decided to just go ahead and have them do the work. The crew showed up on time, as scheduled, and got right to work. The only downside was that the outside temp was in the single digits, and in order for them to work, we had to turn our heat off, and keep the front door open, which was not fun! However, the team worked very hard, and completed the job in a timely manner, and when I went to examine the work they did, I was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship. We even received a certificate to indicate the work had been completed, which is very important to us, as we are planning to sell our home in the next 12-18 months, and in addition, have a new granddaughter, who will certainly be visiting us, and we have peace of mind knowing she will be safe in our home. All in all, it was a good experience, and I would certainly recommend this company in the future."

Barbara Zoratti, Hamilton Square, New Jersey

Robert Elias

"They are the best. Came right away and rescued us from the damage done by Sandy."

Robert Elias, Ventnor City, New Jersey