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We at Pollution Solutions pride ourselves in being indoor air experts for your home or business. We specialize in many important services for your property that make it safe to live, work, and breathe.

We specialize in:

We have offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and we service New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for all of our services. Our main priorities are to offer our services to our customers in need at affordable rates, to provide great customer service, and get the job done efficiently & effectively to get your properties problems fixed, cleaned up, and back to perfect.

When it comes to mold in your home, it is very important to get it looked at right away to asses the severity of the situation. Mold is bad all around. It is very dangerous to be around and breath in, because it can cause many different health problems.

Mold also can spread very quickly in and around your property. The problem is that not all mold is directly visible, and this means that it can spread to parts of your home or business that you can not see. If you have an idea that you have mold that you can not see, or if it obviously visible to site, it is very important to contact a professional right away.

Mold Removal is not a DIY job! You can cause more harm than good to your property and more importantly, your health! If you are local to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware and experiencing mold problems; Contact us immediately for a free estimate. We offer financing and warranties to our customers.