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Mold Removal Services in South Jersey: Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Vorhees, Medford, Mount Laurel, and the surrounding areas in NJ

Pollution Solutions have Offices throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to handle any Mold Removal, Water Damage Cleanup, Crawlspace Encapsulation, Insulation, and Restoration Services.

Having mold damage in your home is very serious. It can cause serious health problems for anyone in contact or breathing in the spores. Also, mold can cause irreparable damage in your home if left alone letting it spread out of control. For that reason, it is important to have mold remediation services to your home in New Jersey and treat the areas that have mold issues.
Our Mold Removal Services Include:

Our mold remediation method consists of our 5-step process that protects you and your home, cleans the area(s) with mold, kills the mold spores, prevents future outbreaks in that area, and deodorizes your home:

  • Step 1 – Protecting Phase – Containment & Negative Air Pressure
  • Step 2 – Scrubbing Phase – Wire brush & HEPA vacuum
  • Step 3 – Killing Phase – Spray an EPA certified disinfectant biocide
  • Step 4 – Prevention Phase – Apply an EPA certified anti-microbial paint encapsulate
  • Step 5 – Deodorize Phase – Fog with an EPA certified deodorizer

Our office in Palmyra New Jersey services areas in South Jersey for any mold removal, mold remediation, mold cleanup, and mold damage restoration.

The weather in South Jersey is unfortunately great breeding ground for Mold. That is why our Primary office is located here so we can properly service these areas for Mold Removal: Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Vorhees, Medford, Mount Laurel, Delran, Cinnaminson, Washington Township, Haddonfield, Marlton, Deptford and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.

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