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28th, January | Blog

What to Look for in a Mold Removal Company in 2020 in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware Without Getting Ripped Off!

What to Look for in a Mold Removal Company in 2020
Mold is one of those household hazards that are often difficult to identify and get rid of on your own as a homeowner. That’s because it requires a certain set of techniques to test, inspect, remove and remediate the area for damage caused by mold infestation.

Furthermore, the technique required to remove mold from an HVAC system is quite different from that required to remove it from a heating system. You need to use the right tools and strategies to deal with each unique situation in a way that ensures that you’ll never have to deal with the mold again.

As you go about your search for the best mold removal company, there’s no doubt you’ll come across many specialists who claim to offer the best technique or set of tools for the job. It can be very difficult to pick an option when faced with so many different options that all seem adequate.

A great way to narrow down your options and make sure you choose the best option is to consider the following factors when choosing a mold removal company in 2020.

Is It a Legitimate Company?

Any mold removal technician can acquire a certificate and license to become a mold inspector, but it takes a very special set of skills and qualifications to get certain kinds of certifications that you should look for.

This includes certifications that are granted by the Indoor Air Quality Association, which specializes in mold removal specialist training, or the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, which certifies technicians that specialize in mold removal.

All of these certifications are a great indicator of the company’s skills and expertise but they’re not the be-all and end-all of what you should look out for.

Do They Have Experience?

Look for an experienced contractor such as Pollution Solutions, which has been around for many years.

Experienced companies possess a certain level of knowledge that cannot be replaced by textbook knowledge. Also, check references and other resources to find out what their track record is.

The Better Business Bureau will give you a good indication of how efficient your mold removal company is compared to similar service providers in your area.

Are They Well Equipped?

The mold industry is governed by a specific set of standards and procedures that are designed to ensure the safety of not only the homeowner but the technician as well.

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It’s also important to ensure that your chosen contractor uses the proper equipment and inspection methods to get you the desired results. This is almost a given with larger companies that have been operating for a long time.

Is the Company Insured?

Your contractor must be willing to show you proof of their insurance papers and provide an indemnification contract that’ll indemnify you in case of injury, loss or any liabilities incurred while doing repair work.

Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is probably the easiest way to determine which companies are legitimate and which ones are only pretending to be. You can read reviews on the company’s website, their social media pages and on online forums around the industry. View Pollution Solutions reviews HERE